Professional staff training and advanced training

Staff development and training is one of the important focuses of the HR Policy of Kazatomprom. Kazatomprom’s enterprises have systemized all processes of training of skilled workers, retraining and advanced training.


Training and retraining

For the purpose of training and retraining of specialized professionals and covering the needs in personnel, Kazatomprom and its enterprises cooperate with the leading higher education institutes and colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan and near abroad.

Three hundred and ninety students are studying at the expense of Kazatomprom now, who will be subject-matter experts in future.

On September 04, 2017, the International Scientific Educational Center for Nuclear Industry enrolled its first applicants for the Master’s degree program. This center was established jointly by Kazatomprom and Kazakh National Research Technical University after K.I.Satpayev to train highly skilled personnel for nuclear sector. There are three profile disciplines there: “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”, “Chemical technology for non-organic substances”, “Automation and management”.


Advanced training

Once the integrated system of employees’ assessment has been introduced at Kazatomprom, the system of advanced training and training planning has been improved. This means that employees are sent for studies, their development is subject to the approved individual development plans. Types and methods of training are defined on the basis of the employee’s performance assessment and his potential based on his management, corporate and professional competencies.


Talents management

To date, Kazatomprom has successfully introduced the process of talents management, which is aimed at identifying promising employees, their further development to reach their best within the period specified, and planning of Kazatomprom’s and its subsidiaries’ staff succession at key positions. The process includes distribution of identified talents by three pools: “HiРo”, “Leader”, “Management pool”. Each pool has its own development program and period of training.


Knowledge keeping

For the purpose of transfer of unique knowledge and best practices, including improvement of competencies, skills and knowledge of employees, internal trainers of the Company who are employees themselves, give master classes which then are placed on the corporate portal and may be viewed and listened to by the employees.

To keep the unique knowledge and experience of veterans and transfer experience to a new generation of specialists, there is an Honorary Professors Board operating at the International Scientific Educational Center for Nuclear Industry. The Board unites 21 veterans of nuclear industry from today’s employees of Kazatomprom and its enterprises, as well as employees who have been retired already, the average experience of whom in uranium industry is 36.8 years.




To raise the level of professional competencies, Kazatomprom practices probation at production sites of subsidiary and affiliated organizations as well as in foreign companies-partners.


New professions


To cover the needs in personnel, in 2016, Kazatomprom started cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to open in Kazakhstan new professions subject to the types of activity: fabrication of fuel assemblies (FA) and refinery production and (conversion), which do not have analogues in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thus, order No.186-од dd. August 07, 2017 of the Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved changes into existing Classifier of professions and specialties of VET qualifications: “Fuel assemblies operator” and “Refinery production operator”.




Within the framework of the Agreement on Research and Technical Cooperation between Kazatomprom and the Eastern-Kazakhstan State Technical University after D.Serikbayev, on the basis of the said university the international chair “New materials for nuclear industry” was established, and leading scientists and specialists from the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University and the Tomsk Polytechnic University of the Russian Federation were invited. Curriculums for Master’s programs were developed such as “Materials of nuclear engineering” and “Innovation technologies for uranium products output”.

Kazatomprom cooperates with the World Nuclear University in the field of nuclear education and advanced training, including participation in long-term and short-term courses, development and application of innovative and up-to-date educational technologies in nuclear education, joint researches, invitation of scientists and specialists for lecturing, seminars, scientific consultations and experience exchange. Thus, on June 12- 15, 2017, at nuclear pavilion of EXPO Astana -2017 a summer course of the World Nuclear University “World nuclear industry today” was held for 60 employees of Kazatomprom and its subsidiaries.